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Susenji Official is the Official Distributor for Susenji products: Each product comes with a unique QR code and authenticity identification. 保证正品 每盒都有二维码认证 现货迅速发货

RM185 each 一盒

Note: Free 1 x Shaker Cup provided for Free every purchase of 2x Mofa Plus / Choco Shake

Mix and Match 混搭配套

Bundle of 2 - 5% off (RM351.50, saves RM12.50 )

Bundle of 4 - 15% off (RM692, saves RM111)

Bundle of 6 - 20% off (RM888, saves RM222)

(East Malaysia also have Promo , 东马价格一样会有折扣哟)

🍊Susenji Mofa +  排毒

Cooling (Cooling/Clearing Heat)

Detoxifying (Detoxification) Technology

Gentle discharge of stools within 8-10 hours. No colic, No injury. 不绞痛 不腹泻 无泻药

1 box - 20 sachets 一盒20包 

(1 sachet daily , Max 2 sachet)

• blood ph level 平衡血液的pH值

• Decrease acidity in blood 降低血液中的酸性

• Reduce irritability and help with weight loss 舒缓情绪并协助减轻体重

• Promote bowel movement 促进排便活动 解决便秘问题

• Reduce body's heatiness to promote

• detoxification 减少体内的燥热并促进排毒

• Promote metabolism 促进新陈代谢

• Eliminate Edema 消除水肿

• Improving blood lipids 可预防血脂

• Improve digestive issues 改善消化问题

Directions for use   : 

Dissolve 1 sachet of Susenji Mofa+ in 200ml water (normal temperature) and shake it well. 

Consume 30 minutes before bedtime. 


It is safe to consume daily. You may also consume 3-4 times a week

If you are having heavy supper/alcohol, consume 1.5 hours/2 hours after dinner, before bedtime. 距离吃饱/酒后 间隔2小时才喝Mofa.


🍓Susenii Ollie 餐前简直

SUSENJI OLLIE 智能燃烧器" 東南亞第一全新配方健康减脂聖品"

Reawaken your metabolism naturally

• Burn Fat 燃脂减脂

• Energize 转脂为能

• Promote Leanness 增肌瘦身

• Improve Metabolism 提升代谢

Morosil from Italy to automatically burn out stubborn fat in the body . 

自动burn out 体内顽固脂肪

25 sachets per box (3g per sachet)

一盒25包 ,每天餐前食用2-3包

Directions for use

1 Consume 1 sachet of Susenji Ollie directly

At least 15-30minutes before meal

餐前15-30分钟前吃一包Ollie 效果更佳!

It is safe to consume daily. You may also consume 1-3times daily


🍫Susenji Shake (Chocolate Meal Replacement Drink) 养胃巧克力代餐

No Sugar added

100% Vegan Friendly

Low Calories (140 Kcal only!)

Made from real cocoa

Tri-P Factor (Repair, Strengthen, Restoring)

1 Box | 16 sachets 一盒16包

16 sachets x 35g 

•Weight Management, Slimming 帮助瘦身 管理身材 

•Reduce bloating and nausea 改善胃胀和恶心问题 

•Rebuild the gastric mucosal defense barrier 重建胃黏膜的防御屏障

•Nourishing the stomach lining 滋养胃黏膜

•Support healthy digestive system 维持健康的消化系统 

•Optimizing the stomach digestive function 加强胃消化功能

•Regulate blood sugar level 可调节血糖水平

Directions for use   :

Dissolve 1 sachet of Susenji Shake in 200ml-250ml normal or cold water and shake it well. 



🌿 SUSENJI SCULPT Firming Lotion 燃脂乳液

On top of the slimming properties of the previous gel, Susenji Sculpt boasts double the fat-burning effects, and skin moisturising and firming.

It also comes with an 5 medical-grade steel rollerball massage head, eliminating the need for a separate massager or using your hands.

1 tube - 130 ml (一支130ML )

Fat Decomposition 促进分解脂肪

Fat Burning 燃烧顽固脂肪

Reduces Appearance of Cellulite 改善妊娠纹与橘皮蜂窝组织

• Skin firming 紧致松弛肌肤

•Maintains Your Body Shape Effortlessly 轻松获得理想身材

Tones, Hydrates & Improves Your Skin Tautness 保持肌肤水润 改善肌肤状况

Directions for use

Open the cap and apply directly to desired body part. For best results, use twice a day.

1.扭开瓶子开关,挤出适量的燃脂 Lotion 利用滚轮从下往上按摩至吸收即可

⚠️ Warning ⚠️ 

*Avoid sensitive areas like face or open wounds 不能用在脸上

*Pregnant Mommies can use safely but are advised to avoid breast and tummy areas before giving birth & postpartum C-sections wounds


🍋Susenji Depuff 消水宝 

25 sachets per box 一盒5包 

Natural Post Meal Puff Relief



视觉瘦五斤 全身水肿 快速自救

•Flushes out Excess Salt and Water Retention 排出多余盐分 & 水分 

•Reduce Post-Meal Puffiness 减少饭后浮肿

•Promote Body Fat Reduction 改善体型

•Increase Your Metabolism 提升代谢

•Enhances Body Shape 拒绝浮肿 塑造理想身材 

Directions for use

Consume 1 sachet of Susenji Depuff directly after meal (1-2 times daily) 

餐后吃一颗 一天1-2颗 ,隔天睡醒要状态好不肿 可以睡前吃多一颗

SUSENJI 健康瘦身全系

🌳mofa+ 双倍排毒,独特的清热解毒功效

🌳shake 低卡养胃代餐 日本专利提供胃三重保护

🌳ollie 餐前减脂燃脂 独有日本,美国和意大利三大国家的高技术提高身体代谢,减走糖油淀粉

🌳 Depuff餐后消水宝,减少盐分 钠摄取滅少全身视觉肿帐,视觉瘦五斤

🌳 Scuplt有效局部燃脂,紧致肌肤改善妊娠纹 肥胖纹,更保温肌肤


如有疑问 可以inbox我   

⚠️混搭分别哪款产品可以备注或找 ig srelainecha / whatapps : 0165328786 

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