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[English Version] SUSENJI MOFA + Detox Fiber Drink Slimming Healthy

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Susenji Mofa+ (20 sachets x 15g)

SUSENJI MOFA Six years of branding

The detox juice that is also highly recommended by influencers Mild, no cramps, no diarrhea .

No laxative in the ingredients! Orange with passion fruit flavor, very tasty!

And it's also a detox drink that pregnant women can drink!

2 Major Benefits :

*Cooling (Cooling/Clearing Heat)

*Detoxifying (Detoxification) Technology

A delicious all-natural, orange, and passionfruit flavored beverage that helps remove waste to avoid toxic retention. Highly recommend it if you experience bloatedness, difficulty pooping, or irregular digestion.


-Balance blood pH level

-Decrease acidity in blood 

-Reduce irritability and help with weight loss

-Promote bowel movement 

-Reduce body’s heatiness to promote detoxification 

-Promote metabolism 

-Eliminate Edema 

-Improving blood lipids 

-Improve digestive issues

-Reduce irritability & aid weight loss 

1 Box | 20 sachets 

20 sachets x15g 

Free Shaker Cup provided for Bundle of 2 and Bundle of 4 (2 MOFA+ or 4 MOFA+)

1ST BOX : Detoxification (-1/2kg )

2ND BOX : ABSOLUTION  (-2/3kg)

3RD BOX = SEE BETTER RESULTS!  (-5kg above) 

*recommended to take 4 boxes of 80 days packages* 


1.Dissolve 1 sachets of SUSENJI MOFA+ in 150ml -200ml in normal room temperature / cold water to shaker cup

2. Pour 1 sachet of MOFA+ into shaker cup

3. Shake well and consume immediately 

Recommended to drink 2 hours after last meal

May experience smooth bowel movement 8 to 10 hours later


we only sell 100% authentic products . All products come with sealed box & unique QR code to check for authenticity identification or every box. ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% original and new guaranteed